What will the outputs be?

The primary output will be a report alongside recommendations for enhancing career pathways going forwards, which may include further and more in depth research. This report will be made publically available to support development of the informatics community. To keep this piece manageable it will focus on roles which do not require a clinical background but we hope to capture the views of those in different stages of their careers. We are hoping to share the report in Summer 2019.

Health Informatics Career Heatmap

Participants will be asked to complete information about their most recent five roles (including their current role). One of our aims is to use this information to complete a health informatics career path heatmap which will include movement between roles and an attempt to establish what common career paths to date have been where applicable. We anticipate our findings will be much more complex than the below, but we present an illustration of the type of patterns we will be looking for.