As with all research, we recognise that there are limitations. Some are included below and these will be taken into account as we analyse the survey results, with mitigating actions to be undertaken where possible.

  • Participation rates & sample size - while we have some large networks these tend to be at either a very senior level (e.g. CIO Network) or new graduates (such as the health informatics specialism of the national graduate scheme). We hope snowball sampling and use of social media will help to mitigate this.
  • Interpretation of questions by participants and interpretation of results by researchers
  • Segmenting of role and team types
  • Same job titles and/or bandings may have different responsibilities in different organisations
  • We won’t necessarily capture those who have left the profession

Importantly, due to project scope this piece will not focus on clinical roles. However we will share emerging results with the Faculty of Clinical Informatics and others to support any links and shared learning.

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