Health Informatics is a relatively new profession without formal career pathways and few training programmes. This project will research current and potential career pathways for those aiming to become future leaders in health informatics. This research will be key to understanding how we can attract and develop health informatics leaders from the start of their careers.  It will focus on skills, job roles, the motivations and expectations of those entering this area, the reflections of those who have reached CIO or similar posts, and anyone in between. 

 “We will expect informatics leadership representation on the board of every NHS organisation, with Chief Executives capable of driving the transformation of their organisations and non-executive directors able to support and demand increasing digital maturity over the next five years.” – NHS Long Term Plan

 The survey is split into four areas:

·         Basic information

·         Exploring career pathways to date (up to 5 roles)

·         Reflections

·         Looking Forwards


The survey will be open from Wednesday 24th April and we plan to have it open for 3 weeks. If you can support dissemination of the survey please get in contact. We will update this website once the survey has closed. We aim to build up the analysis and recommendations throughout May before starting to disseminate and discuss findings from June 2019.

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