Health Informatics Career Paths Project

Please note that this survey has now closed. Thank you to everyone so far who has participated or supported with feedback and/or dissemination. We received 507 responses which is fantastic! We are currently doing the analysis and report, alongside a plan of how we will disseminate the results. We will update this website and we will also write out to participants where they indicated they wanted to be notified once the results were available. Watch this space and we look forward to sharing the outputs with the community.

-Aasha Cowey , Project Lead.

Welcome! Thank you for showing an interest in the research we are doing on health informatics career pathways. Please feel free to explore this website for further information about the project. Please note we have used the term "health informatics" throughout but we appreciate different terminology may be in use. Although there is debate around this, we are considering health to be inclusive of health care, social care and public health. 

Can I Participate? We would like to invite those who self-identify as part of the health informatics (non-clinical) workforce to participate. You need to be working within or actively seeking work within health and social care throughout the UK and Ireland.

Why not clinical career pathways? We want to focus on understanding "typical" health informatics career pathways which do not require clinical registration, this is something we know little about. We want to understand how we can encourage those in schools or universities to join the profession, and how they and those already in the profession can progress (should they wish to do so). We appreciate the importance of clinical health informatics roles, which are being investigated by other studies,  and hope the learning from this project will provide a foundation for collaborative work.

This project is being led by South Central and West (SCW) Commissioning Support Unit supported by University College London (UCL) on behalf of the  Building a Digital Ready Workforce (BDRW) programme. 

BDRW is one of 33 Digital Transformation Portfolio (DTP) programmes, jointly led by Health Education England (HEE), NHS Digital and NHS England.

We have also received valuable feedback and support from professional bodies as part of developing this project.


What do we hope to find out?


How have people got here


Understand movement between roles

looking forwards

Understand motivations and challenges

Mapping Pathways

Establish common career pathways


To develop a digital ready workforce


Create a health informatics career path heatmap